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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blind Sight by James H Pence

There are some little-known authors that are little-known for a reason. But some have no reason to be little known. The only reason I can think that James H Pence isn't any more popular than he is is because he never wrote any other books. That might be a good thing.
Anyway, Blind Sight is the best cult suspense book I have ever read. It follows the tale of a broken man named Thomas Kent, who has just received an email from an old friend calling in a favor. What does he want them to do? Save his children and wife from a cult he has himself tangled up in. Thomas is actually a lead with a true personality. He isn't perfect, and neither are any of the other characters.
The first chapter does a very good job of holding the reader's attention. It drops the reader in the middle of the situation and leave the explanations for later.
The premise of the cult is very well thought out and crafted. It's so realistic and possible, it's scary. However, it does get cheesy in some parts.
And there is one character that Pence actually kept dead! He didn't show up at the final scene! The confrontation at the end is actually not cheesy.
There is no romantic subplot, though if a sequel is to be written, than there probably will be.
However, this book is a debut novel. While this is one of the better cult books, it's a predictable and impossible situation. The best thing Pence did was write it to the best of his ability.
3 stars

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