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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Mill House by Paul McCusker

When a man begins researching his grandfather's past in order to compile a photo slide show for this grandfather's upcoming birthday, he discovers a hidden piece of his past that he refuses to talk about.
Across the Atlantic, in England, a woman is trying to take care of her bedridden grandmother. Her grandmother has gone deeper and deeper into depression over the past few weeks, and no one understands it because she refuses to speak. She just sits in bed and moans.
The four people are connected by a forgotten piece of past. A hidden relationship, a dark secret, and several interlopers play into the mystery as the two of them work to discover what really happened. Only one person besides the grandfather and grandmother knew, but now he's dead.
The characters are realistic and believable. None are perfect. Though it is inevitability obvious that the grandfather and grandmother connected, the reason they split apart is unknown for a while. It's very original.
The main thing keeping this book from being five stars is the inevitable romantic subplot.
Another plus is the lack of a last chapter conversion by one of the characters. That aspect of the plot is left up to the reader's interpretation.
All in all, Paul McCusker is one of the best authors on the market.
4 stars

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