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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plaguemaker by Tim Downs

The worst thing any author can ever do, worse them writing a zero star book, is not live up to potential. Especially five star potential.
Nathan Donovan works for the FBI. But when he gets a tip from an eighty-year-old Oriental man named Li about a case he's working on, he agrees to meet with him.
Li has a personal score to settle. Sato Mitsushita ruined his life sixty years before. And now he's been tracking his every move ever since. Now that a case related to him has surfaced on the FBI's radar, he has taken the chance to settle his score.
Sato has an unhealthy obsession with two things: creating viruses and destroying America because of what they did to his sister in Japan.
Now Nathan and Li, joined by Nathan's ex-wife Macy, are racing against to clock to prevent Sato from striking.
The characters are very well developed and imperfect, even better for this type of book. Most terror suspense doesn't have such good characters. Li and Sato have deep pasts and purposes. This is rare for terror suspense as well.
The problem is a huge gaping plot hole at the end. It's so big you could walk through it. How do two people survive a Tomahawk missile blasting into several tons of ammonium nitrate?
I'll leave the rest up for you to figure out.
This book had the potential to be five stars, the best terror suspense book ever. But no.
Li has a monologue near the middle of the book about how he doesn't like Disney movies because they always turn out right. I wholeheartedly agree. But Tim Downs is a complete hypocrite for not following his own character's advice.
If he would have just not written that last chapter. After I read the last chapter, I wanted to bang my head against the wall or tear the book up or something.
Untapped potential is going to drive me crazy.
3 stars

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