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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wind River by Tom Morrisey

When a soldier returns from Iraq, he carries more than just external scars. Even though he has now married his sweetheart, he feels restless. So he decides to go visit a childhood friend in the mountains of Wyoming.
That childhood friend is now old and slipping into the grips of Alzheimer's. So the former soldier takes his old friend on one last camping\fishing trip to Wind River, like they used to. While on the trip, his old friend confides in him a deep secret he has been hiding for decades.
The story comprises a majority of the book. Without it, the book would be pretty boring with the redundancy of outdoor activities. The story is the highlight of the book, and for a good reason. It is very intriguing and unlike anything I have ever read.
The main thing that keeps this book from being Elite is the general boring tone the book has. Though there is a twist in the story the old man tells, everything pretty much works out perfectly in the end.
The characters struggle to be realistic. Sometimes they are; sometimes they are not. The lead is basically perfect.
However, this book does deserve recognition for its partial originality.
3 stars

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