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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Silence by Jim Kraus

When an unforeseen solar flare enters earth's atmosphere, everything having to do with electricity is wiped out. Planes fall from the sky. Cars cease to work. All microchips melt. Everything electronic is useless.
If you read Solar Flare by Larry Burkett, than you know about this type of disaster. But unlike Solar Flare, The Silence actually has plot structure and harmony.
It focuses on a certain man whose family died when their house collapsed on them. Only he escaped. Now he is driving to his aunt's house with only his dog and the clothes on his back.
It also follows an accountant whose job has become, of course, useless. She joins a priest in an old German car and together they drive toward a pastor who has set up the only current radio station in the world. He is broadcasting to the world for everyone to come to him so they could create a new Eden.
But he has ulterior motives, of course. He is now the most powerful man on earth.
The book is a bit long winded and little boring in parts, but the end is interesting. After all, how do you fix a solar flare disaster?
The characters aren't as good as they could be, and there is an inevitable romantic subplot.
These are the main things keeping the book off the Elite List, but it's still worth reading.
3 stars

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