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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nightmare's Edge by Bryan Davis

And so we come to the end of the Echoes From the Edge series. When we last left our heroes, the three worlds were propelling toward each other and to the state of Interfinity. Nathan, Kelly, Daryl, and several other copies of people from alternate earths were trying desperately to save the universe and Nathan's parents. Poor Nathan is torn between the two.
The beginning half of this book is basically the same as the second: wasted time. After Kelly disappears in a swirling tornado, they try desperately to find her. This time, to fill the book, Bryan Davis has come up with a new time waster the dreamscape. Apparently, Gordon Yellow developed a system so the heroes could get into people's dreams in order to find Nathan's father and Kelly. This comprises easily half the book.
The other half is comprised of dramatic scenes with Mictar and scenes of them trying to find Felicity, a blind girl.
The plot is a mess. It's hard to point out one meaningless part from another.
I won't even get into the characters I've already talked about. Nathan's mother, when she isn't weeping, which she does most of the book, is saying long sentences of sensationalism. Nathan's father is one of those characters who spouts off unwanted pearls of wisdom all the time (think Clark from Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series). Mictar remains to be one of the worst villains of all time. The only things he says are Literary Trash sayings.
The explanation for Sarah's Womb makes no sense whatsoever.
Nathan spends most of the book bleeding. In pretty much every chapter, one of the characters comments about how his hands are bleeding profusely. He's also constantly complained about how he can't play his violin because of his scarred hands. It's a miracle he didn't need a blood transfusion somewhere in the middle.
Patar is the one saving grace of this series. Not only is he an original speculative character, but his end is also original.
Bryan Davis went the extra mile at making this book perfect at the end. We all knew that they were going to stop Interfinity, but he went too far with the perfection.
This has been a disappointing series with an unsurprising end.
1 star

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