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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Shadow at Evening by Chris Walley

The year is 13851. War has been eliminated and peace reigns on over 1600 terraworlds throughout the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Everyone acknowledges Jesus is Lord and everyone agrees with each other. They all live in harmony.
But evil has returned to the edge of the galaxy in the form of giant apes and cockroaches. They are scaring people and wreaking havoc. Two heroes, Merral and Vero, are sent to search for the strange creatures and exterminate them.
This is basically the summary of the entire plot except for the long conversations that do nothing to develop the characters. All the characters are kind of happy the whole time. I guess it has something to do with the whole perfect universe thing.
The whole idea of a perfect universe is absurd and juvenile. Before I read this book, I thought everyone just thought everything was perfect, when it really was not. But that was not the case here.
The idea behind the plot is interesting enough, but Chris Walley didn't utilize it correctly. It didn't really even need the setting it was in. It could have been set on Earth and it wouldn't have made any difference.
Basically, I'm not losing any sleep over the fact that we have no access to the rest of this series.
2 stars

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