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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wager by Bill Myers

Michael Steele is a popular actor with a problem: he's a Christian in a non-Christian workplace. Temptations stalk him at every turn and threaten to take away his purity.
God and Satan have made a wager: can Michael follow every point in the Sermon on the Mount without failing? God alerts Michael of this proposition by playing verses from the Sermon on the Mount through radios and TVs.
The biggest problem with this book is its straight-forwardness. It's all too clear cut and sermon-like in its execution. Everything happens in consecutive fashion without plot twists or surprises.
Michael completes each test over and over again. He's nothing short of a perfect character. None of the other characters are any good either.
Because of the book's lack of plot twists, the novel is basically a novella. It's very short; less than 200 pages long. I think Myers could have made it longer with better characters and more plot twists. As it is, it's just a long sermon illustration.
There's not really much else to say about this book because of its length. I think Bill Myers can do better than this.
1.5 stars

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