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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell

A local porn star has been murdered. Celebrity pastor Ron Hamilton has been charged with the murder because of his recent book against pornography. His wife, Dallas, refuses to believe the accusations and does everything in her power to prove her innocent. But forces beyond her control are working against her.
Their prodigal son has returned from the Marines with lots of emotional baggage. He has turned away from God. Dallas desperately wants him to turn back.
Dallas feels pulled into multiple directions at the same time. Her abusive ex-husband shows up on top of all this to wreak havoc on her life. Demonic forces are trying desperately to keep her from doing what God wants her to do.
The whole idea behind this plot is really nothing new. We've heard it before. There could have been a saving grace in this plot, and that would have been an original end. But James chose to go with the typical, public-pleasing end, even after he set the original one up and gave it a purpose.
The characters are good, which is an upside. Neither Dallas nor Ron are perfect.
I didn't expect James to make who we made the villain. I don't mean that in a good way. I thought he was above that.
The end is pretty cheesy. This is not one of James' best.
But the plot was entertaining and well written, I have to give him that.
3 stars

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