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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twilight by Kristen Heitzmann

Cal Morrison was the best firefighter in Montrose. But then the accident happened. The accident that made him change his career from firefighter to fire safety promoter. He never wants to return.
Laurie Prelane comes back to Montrose, running with her children from a disastrous marriage to a sports star. Memories of a lost love are stirred when she finds that Cal is still living there.
But someone wants Laurie dead. Someone who is willing to vandalize her home to do so. Cal is the only one who can save her, if he can face his fears.
I don't know why Cal is the only one who can save her. Why can't any other person do it? I guess Kristen Heitzmann had to have a perfect male lead in there somewhere.
Cal is the picture of perfection. Not a spot on this sheep. Or ram, more like it.
Laurie and the rest of the characters are created straight from molds. They remind me of some many other romantic suspense books.
But to say this book is suspense would be an overstatement. It's boring, even without any traces of sensationalism at all. It's just mediocre and bordering on stoic.
Believe it or not, there are many opportunities for this book to make it onto the Elite List. There are lots of almost original aspects to the plot. But every time one came up, Kristen went the other direction.
Everything works out perfectly in the end. Not a single thing left undone or imperfect.
Lots of people will like this book, but it's just another one of those romantic suspense books.
2 stars

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