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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red by Ted Dekker

Red directly continues the cliff hanger ending of Black. Tom has aged fifteen years in Other Earth. He has fathered two children, and he leads Elyon's army against the destroying Horde, who want capture all their forests.
Then Tom wakes back up on Earth in the middle of the battle to find that someone else wants him dead.
Raison Pharmaceuticals released the Raison Strain virus at the end of Black, and now it's spreading around the world rapidly and viciously. It's uncontrollable. People at Raison are working hard to come up with an antivirus, but they're running out of time.
The Horde is relentless in Other Earth. They inflict casualties on Elyon's people endlessly. The people try not to lost faith in Elyon, but it's hard. On top of that, a mysterious new man has appeared proclaiming and demonstrating peace. Can he be trusted?
Tom is caught between the two worlds as he fights to keep both afloat as they both spin out of control.
The title of both books in the Circle non-Trilogy have made sense so far, even though they are both simple.
As I said in the my review of Black, no author has before written anything like the Circle non-Trilogy. Combining medical suspense and alternate world was genius. Also, no one has ever written a medical suspense book where the virus actually does get loose. Usually, the heroes stop it before that happens.
But our hero was sleeping when it was released.
The main thing that keeps this book from being five stars like Black is the slightly boring and typical middle of the book.
However, I am wary about the next two books in the series and of how Ted Dekker will end it.
4.5 stars

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