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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out of the Devil's Mouth by Travis Thrasher

The year is 1929. Henry Wolfe is a writer with big ideas. He writes books about his great world adventures. No one's really sure if they're true or not.
But one winter day, he is kidnapped by a car full of men and charged with a mission given by a rich man: to find his lost son.
Louis Prescott was an adventurer with wild ideas of finding the fabled Fountain of Youth in South America. He has yet to return.
Joined by his partner of old, Max Jourbet, Henry ventures into South America guided by Louis' older sister, a colonel, a doctor, and a handful of Indians. They are headed for the Devil's Mouth, the fabled location of the Fountain of Youth.
Along the way, they encounter several dangers. Though there are many character deaths, Thrasher makes sure he protects the central three characters: Henry, Max, and Kate, Louis' sister.
There are many legends surrounding the Devil's Mouth, but Thrasher made sure that only some of them were true, which was very realistic.
However, the legends that are true are a little absurd and without explanation. Thrasher says that he used these to transition his reader into the mindset of his new genre, supernatural. But they create plot holes because of their lack of explanation.
The characters are pretty good. Henry Wolfe, though I'm sure he is no Indiana Jones, has no personality, even though the book is told from his first person perspective.
If this book did not have the realistic end it had, it wouldn't even be worth reading. As it is, it seemed like Travis Thrasher just wrote this book for fun. But writing a book for fun and having it become Elite shows talent.
This book is a quest, but not a clear cut, boom-boom-boom kind of quest. It's just a normal adventure, one that's definitely worth reading.
4 stars

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