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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Voice by Bill Myers

FBI agent Charlie Madison has just taken in his thirteen-year-old niece Jazmine since her parents has been kidnapped by Muslim terrorists because of something they posses: a recording of the voice of God. The only problem is, no one knows where the recording is.
Charlie and Jazmine join forces with Lisa, another FBI agent to try and find Jazmine's parents and the recording. The result is a globetrotting adventure.
The fact that anyone could actually record the voice of God is absurd. Jazmine's parents did it by working all kinds of formulas or something.
It's a good thing the book was short because I couldn't have stood anymore international suspense than there was. Not only that, but the whole book was absurd.
To fill time, the characters go off on this tangent about being kidnapped by Muslims who lead them to the site of Mt. Sinai.
The characters struggle to be realistic. Charlie Madison is almost a good character, but the book is too short for him to develop any real personality. Jazmine is semi-interesting, if not a little stereotypical for a teenage girl. None of the other characters had any hope, however.
When the recording if the voice of God is played, very sensational things begin to happen. I won't go into any detail here because it would make the review too long.
There is one original thing that occurs in the plot, but it's drowned out by all the nonsense.
It might be time for Bill Myers to put the pencil down and retire.
1.5 stars

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