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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snitch by Rene Gutteridge

Even though I read the Occupational Hazards series out of order, it still made sense because these books can stand alone. This is one of the good things about the series.
While I wasn't impressed by Scoop and liked Skid pretty good, Snitch is definitely the best in the series.
Ron Yeager is an old police officer just trying to fill out his last years with the force before retiring by sitting at a desk all day. His wife insists he do so. But when he is charged to train several new recruits on the force to be undercover officers like he was back in the day, he jumps at the chance without telling his wife. The only problem is, he bites off more than he can chew.
Mack Hazard has joined the force after her parents died. Her brother has sold their clown business off and encouraged his younger siblings to find new jobs. Undercover work is the direction she shoots for.
Jesse has been an undercover officer for some time, so he has a lot of baggage. But he wants to do undercover work his way, not the way some crotchety old man wants him to. Jesse is a bit of a maverick when is comes to dealing with criminals.
Kyle is a pastor unsure of himself and of his sermon lengths, so he's come to hang out with his old friend Ron. He joins the action temporarily and gets more than he asked for.
Kyle is one of the best characters I have ever read. Normally, his kind of personality would be an in for a perfect character, but Rene handles it very well. He's very gullible, not understanding sarcasm well. There aren't many characters out there like him.
There are many good background characters with unemphasized traits. Overemphasizing is the worst thing an author can do to their "funny" characters, but Rene controlled herself.
Mack is the one downfall to this book, since it is a character based plot. She's perfect, like all the other Hazards. She's constantly spouting off Scripture and knows what to say in any situation.
At least Rene didn't try to make this a suspense plot, because if she had, it wouldn't even be Elite.
There is only the slightest hint of a romantic subplot at the end. Otherwise, nothing!
Where there was an opportunity for one of the characters to have a last chapter conversion, they didn't!
This is Rene's best book to date, mostly because of the imperfect end.
4.5 stars

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