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Friday, September 25, 2009

In His Image by James Beauseigneur

When the Shroud of Turin is found at an archaeological dig, the evidence for Jesus is boosted. This is compounded by the discovery of living cells still on the Shroud.
Without anyone's knowledge, the college professor overseeing the dig takes those cells and injects them into his unborn son. His son is born with the very cells of Jesus in his body.
Decker Hawthorne is a newspaper reporter who is friends with the college professor. He sees this as an opportunity for a big story. But then a tragedy devastates not only his life, but the whole world.
But there are other problems with this book. Since Decker is a reporter, the entire book is basically a long news report. It's very boring and a struggle to finish, especially with its 400-page length.
Because of the boring format, there aren't any good characters or interesting scenes. Just the unadulterated view of a transcript writer.
The book hardly has anything to do with the Christ clone subject; it's basically a boring End Times book.
James Beauseigneur writes weapons manuals for a living, so there is an explanation if you've never heard of him before.
1.5 stars

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