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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Salty Like Blood by Harry Kraus

David Connors is a surgeon who's obsessed with his daughter first and his job second. He has spent most of his life building a protective bubble around his young daughter. But when his Rachel disappears from a beach, his life begins to spin out of control. Rachel was the only thing holding his marriage together, and now his wife has withdrawn into herself.
David immerses himself into his job and into finding his little girl, while one of his wife's old boyfriends pays her a visit to "comfort" her.
It's a very well executed, complex plot that is wholly based upon the imperfect characters, which is what Harry Kraus is good at. Every characters has a deep, imperfect past that is not fully revealed up until the end. And some of it is not revealed at all.
The one downside to their pasts is that it is not very well distinct from the present. Though there are scene breaks, there are no dates or italics to distinguish between past and present, so it gets a little confusing.
David's days as a surgeon are very realistic and believable. Every patient that comes in doesn't have something to do with the mystery. There isn't a tragedy or a near-death experience every day; it's just normal. Some patients work out, some don't.
Though the end seems typical at first, you have to read on through it to discover the meaning for it all. It's very original.
The end also does not sew up all the loose ends like one would expect him to. It leaves several aspects of the plot to an imperfect end.
Harry Kraus has proved himself to be one of the best authors on the market with his plots based on imperfect characters. This also makes him the most underrated author.
5 stars

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