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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meltdown by Chuck Holton

Like I said before, the Task Force Valor series is one of those series that goes from one character to the next and fixes them up. Next in line is Bobby Sweeney.
While in Ukraine investigating the Dead Zone in Chernobyl, the Task Valor Force begins hearing about terror threats back in their home country. These threats just happen to have something to do with their investigation.
CIA agent Mary Walker accompanies them on this mission again. You would think that after the last book, she would have retired. But no, she's back and as annoying as ever. Her character is just obnoxious.
The reason for Bobby's atheism is his "bad family life". His family went to church but they weren't a good example of Christianity to him.

Rip Rubio, new convert from Island Inferno has gone from loudmouth "pagan" to Bible-toting, Scripture-quoting, constant prayer warrior. It's really pretty cheesy.
Bearing all these facts, the book has more potential than Island Inferno. Believe it or not, the enemy is not a Muslim terrorist. Also, as far as I could tell, there was no last chapter conversion by Bobby or Mary.
However, Chuck needs to stop this series immediately and try something more original next time.
1.5 stars

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