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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When the Last Leaf Falls by Bill Myers

Pastor Paul Newcomb's seventeen-year-old daughter is in the hospital with bone cancer. She's just gone through the third stage of chemotherapy, and things aren't looking good. While Ally is in a coma, Paul takes that time to ask God why and to reminisce a little about his oldest child.
The book is full of interesting and entertaining memories. Most of them are comedic, thus being the product of well-developed characters. But the truth really is, Paul and Ally are the only good characters in the book. The others are either perfect or background.
In my opinion, the book is entirely too short. It contains 137 pages, each only a little larger than a passport. I think the book and characters could have been better if the book had been a long epic. More memories is what it needed. This equals better characters and more pages.
The end is fairly stupid, destroying the whole point behind the book. They kept saying "in her death God will be glorified" but that never held true. Everything turned out perfectly at the end, more than it needed to be.
There's not really much else to say about this book since it's so short. While I found many of memories to be funny and realistic at the same time, I think Bill Myers abused this idea.
2 stars

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