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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

Before reading any of her books we thoroughly researched Brandilyn Collins . What we found didn't surprise us. Her trademark is Seat belt Suspense and her slogan is Don't Forget to Breathe. After reading lots of typical suspense, I wasn't excited about reading Exposure.
Kaycee is a newspaper columnist whose articles tell people about her many phobias and what she has done to face them. But when the same picture of a dead man with blood seeping out of his head keeps appearing throughout her house, she goes crazy. Especially since no one believes her. Every time the police arrive at her house, the picture is gone. They think she's crazy.
Hannah is a teenager who misses her mother. Now that her father has remarried and spends a lot of time with his new stepdaughter, Hannah feels abandoned, so she runs away. The only problem is, a kidnapper interrupts her plans...
Martin and Lorraine Giordani are struggling just to get by, living paycheck to paycheck. Their young daughter, Tammy, is constantly sick with bad coughing. Every extra penny is spent on her. But when a tragedy rocks their family, Lorraine makes a rash decision that changes her future...
All three plots are connected in original ways, though it doesn't seem like it up until the end.
I was pleasantly surprised by what Collins did at the end. I never expected her to do what she did. After bearing with many scenes of Kaycee's craziness, the original end made it all worth it.
Collins did a good job of showing that Kaycee does other things besides see gory photos. The two subplots do a good job of balancing out these such scenes.
Though the book is shorter than most suspense books, it didn't need to be any longer than it was. It was just right. Collins gets straight to the point.
There are several good characters, including Kaycee. This is also something rare for this type of book.
The main problem with the book is the lack of explanation for how the photo of the dead man appeared on every TV channel and on her computer desktop. Collins never explained that part.
All in all, I learned a lesson of not judging the book by its cover...or its author.
4 stars

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