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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fine Art of Insincerity by Angela Hunt

Coming 2010...


Lillian Harper has had an long, interesting life, but not an empty one. She has gone through a number of husbands due to death and divorce. However, those marriages have produced children who have done the same thing. And those marriages have produced more children. Now they are calling it the Grandma Gene.
Now Lillian has died and has willed her house and her possessions to three of her granddaughters. As the three women enter Lillian's house, they begin to discover much of their grandmother's precarious past.


This looks like a good genre for Hunt to settle into. Her days of suspense may be over, but she has never tried a good character-based plot before.
I didn't think a title like The Grandma Gene would stick, but even though it does make sense she has adjusted it to The Fine Art of Insecurity, I guess she is becoming a little more creative with titles over the years.
The number one thing that could go wrong with this kind of book is excessive repetition. She'll need to tone it down and change up a little to make it interesting.

The author has posted a timeline of the book on her blog. Just click here:

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