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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dogs of Snoqualmie by Calvin Miller

When an old priest calling himself Father Peter is found on the steps of a mental hospital, he is immediately admitted because of his meaningless ramblings about finding the Virgin of Stockholm. He also prophecies about the end of the world using distorted Scripture verses. But when one of his prophecies actually comes true, several of the employees start to believe him.
The story also follows the lead psychiatrist and his broken marriage. But when a wolf named Kinta saves his wife from an assailant in the night, his marriage is miraculously repaired.
Shortly following that, several other marriages and relationships are miraculously repaired overnight.
A woman is also leading people in worship of Gaia out in a forest that is threatened to be cut down. Who or what Gaia is is never explained, though it is an extremely disturbing factor in the plot.
There are many other mentions of environmentalism throughout the book, such as one of the women going out to live in the woods with Kinta.
Shortly after Father Peter is admitted into the mental hospital, he becomes a benevolent grandfatherly character who thinks he is at one with Kinta. There's no explanation for his sudden personality switch. It just happens.
The villain is extremely obvious and cheesy, complete with a showdown at the end.
The dialogue and the characters are generally unprofessional and cheesy. It's like this one was overlooked by the editor.
The characters are either perfect are very evil. There's no in between.

I don't even have time to address the dumb villain, childish dialogue, rash decisions, unnecessary scenes and other plot issues that litter this book.
Despite all of this garbage, the book was actually so bad it was funny.
But this book is a complete disgrace to Christian fiction. If someone was new to Christian fiction, and they read this first, they would probably be turned off. Such a book as this should have never been published.
0 stars

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