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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

Like White, Green is a disappointment because it fails to complete the Circle.
In Other Earth, Thomas and Chelise's son Samuel has rebelled against the Circle and has joined the Eramites, an army of half breeds, people who are half-Circle and half-Horde. They intend to wreak havoc on both the Horde and the Circle in one final battle.
Billos, Bill, Billy, Will or Ba'al Bek, whatever you want to call him, reappears in Other Earth using the Lost Books\blood trick. He takes his girlfriend, Janae with him, and together they become instruments of Teeleh.
After his son's rebellion, Thomas convinces Qurong to let him use some of his Lost Books to get back into our world to help Kara and Monique, who are still working on the antivirus using Thomas of Real Earth's blood.
There isn't really much substance to the plot, mostly going back and forth between the worlds using their conveniently crafted methods of transportation. The whole Lost Books\blood method is an outstanding plot hole.
The characters remain to be of the caliber of White: either evil or perfect.
Ted Dekker says the Circle is not broken, but after reading the end of Green, I must continue to disagree. I guess when one writes thirteen books about the same subject, one becomes quite attached.
In my opinion Real Earth and Other Earth are not a Circle. The series is a circle, thanks to Green, but the worlds are not.
Real Earth is a line that intersects the circle of Other Earth in convenient places. Green is simply a forced connection between White and Black.
But coming with this forced connection is a lot of muddle. This makes the plot extremely complicated and confusing.

It is possible that in the midst of all this confusion we missed something so Ted or anyone else is free to send in an alternate explanation that we will post if it makes sense.
The way to fix this series would have been to have the Raison Strain destroy the world in White and have Elyon recreate everything in Green. Then it would truly be a circle and something to be proud of.
Green, though it is well written, is a disappointment.

3 stars

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