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Friday, September 25, 2009

Birth of an Age by James Beauseigneur

Birth of an Age is a far cry from the manual-like format of In His Image. There are several very interesting scenes, to say the least.
Christopher Goodman is now an ambassador in the United Nations, and everyone looks to him when the world begins to fall apart. Three asteroids are approaching planet Earth, and the world is scrambling to protect itself.
There isn't really a plot; it's mostly very detailed descriptions of the judgements. Though most people won't like this, I found it to be very interesting.
He disects each asteroid's trip to Earth. Each one has a surprising purpose, one that I did not see at first.
However, a majority of the judgements are crammed into this one book, so if you're looking for lingering suspense and not a play-by-play, then read the Left Behind series.
But in some ways, this play-by-play method is interesting, especially if you're into sports. It removes the suspense from the plot and just tells it like it is.
Now, this book is far from Elite, but I still found it more interesting than most people would.
The end of the book gets pretty strange, but also very interesting. It illustrates the adage "if you're going to tell a lie, tell a big one."
Decker doesn't make very many appearances in this plot, and that's a good thing because he seemed to make In His Image the way it was.
This book is definitely continued, into Acts of God, which we will review as soon as possible.
2.5 stars

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