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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prophet by Frank Peretti

Prophet was written in the age of no characters, so I won't even talk about that.
John Barret is an anchor on the coveted show News Six at Five. But his popularity is boosted by something he didn't want or expect-his father is showing up at campaign rallies for Governor Slater and prophesying about him. He is saying all kinds of bad things about him, and and John's coworkers are amplifying it.
Governor Slater is the current Governor and is campaigning for reelection. His pro-choice views on abortion are sure to be popular, but he's got a secret that someone wants to uncover...
On top of that, John's estranged son shows up on him to try to find out what his distant father is up to.
Carl, his son, to me, adds nothing to the plot but filling time. It seems like Peretti is pushing the abortion issue strongly in this book. I stand pro-life on this issue, so I don't really want to say anything negative about pushing the issue, but pushing issues can be a problem in fiction.
The only reason this book is called Prophet is because of John Barret Sr., who plays a small part in the plot.
Peretti did well on his research of newsrooms and such. It's believable and unlike any other type of writing style I've ever read. It's very descriptive.
One of the more unemphasized parts of the plot is the recurring appearances of campaign commercials for Governor Slater. This "subplot" is probably the highlight of the book, since not many authors include descriptions of commercials often.
All in all, I can't rate this book very high because of the lack of characters.
Not only for that reason, however. The end, to me, was odd. At least there wasn't some kind of supernatural confrontation. It was still strange.
2.5 stars

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